Carmine Coscia, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor

Opioid receptors and the effects of opioids on brain development.

Office: DRC 411
Voice: (314) 977-9254

Research Interests

Opioid receptors are the targets of narcotics such as morphine and heroin. The long-range goal of our research is focused on how opioids affect brain development.

Recent Publications

Acute and chronic mu opioids differentially regulate thrombospondins 1 and 2 isoforms in astrocytes
Phamduong E, Rathore MK, Crews NR, D’Angelo AS, Leinweber AL, Kappera P, Krenning TM, Rendell VR, Belcheva MM and Coscia CJ

Morphine modulation of thrombospondin levels in astrocytes and its implications for neurite outgrowth and synapse formation
Ikeda H, Miyatake M, Koshikawa N, Ochiai K, Yamada K, Kiss A, Donlin MJ, Panneton WM, Churchill JD, Green M, Siddiqui AM, Leinweber AL, Crews NR, Ezerskiy LA, Rendell VR, Belcheva MM and Coscia CJ

Mu and kappa opioids modulate mouse embryonic stem cell-derived neural progenitor differentiation via MAP kinases
Hahn JW, Jagwani S, Kim E, Rendell VR, He J, Ezerskiy LA, Wesselschmidt R, Coscia CJ and Belcheva MM

Inhibition of EGF-induced ERK/MAP kinase-mediated astrocyte proliferation by mu opioids: integration of G protein and beta-arrestin 2-dependent pathways
Miyatake M, Rubinstein TJ, McLennan GP, Belcheva MM and Coscia CJ

Kappa opioids promote the proliferation of astrocytes via Gbetagamma and beta-arrestin 2-dependent MAPK-mediated pathways
McLennan GP, Kiss A, Miyatake M, Belcheva MM, Chambers KT, Pozek JJ, Mohabbat Y, Moyer RA, Bohn LM and Coscia CJ

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology