Ph.D., 2002, University of Barcelona
Research Interests
Our laboratory is interested in sterol homeostasis and in the molecular mechanisms involved in the conversion of macrophages into foam cells. This latter process is particularly relevant in several human pathologies, including atherosclerosis and different pulmonary lipidosis syndromes.
Recent Publications
  • ABCG1 regulates pulmonary sufactant metabolism in mice and men.
    de Aguiar Vallim TQ, Lee E, Merriott DJ, Goulbourne CN, Cheng J, Cheng A, Gonen A, Allen RM, Palladino END, Ford DA, Wang T, Baldán Á, Tarling EJ. J Lipid Res. (2017) 58(5):941-954.
  • Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-α accelerates α-chlorofatty acid catabolism.
    Palladino EN, Wang WY, Albert CJ, Langhi C, Baldán Á, Ford DA. J Lipid Res. (2017) 58(2):317-324.
  • Therapeutic silencing of fat-specific protein 27 improves glycemic control in mouse models of obesity and insulin resistance.
    Langhi C, Arias N, Rajamoorthi A, Basta J, Lee RG, Baldán Á. J Lipid Res. (2017) 58(1):81-91.
  • Truths and controversies concerning the role of miRNAs in atherosclerosis and lipid metabolism.
    Baldán Á, Fernández-Hernando C. Curr Opin Lipidol. (2016) 27(6):623-629.
  • Akt-mediated foxo1 inhibition is required for liver regeneration.
    Pauta M, Rotllan N, Fernández-Hernando A, Langhi C, Ribera J, Lu M, Boix L, Bruix J, Jimenez W, Suárez Y, Ford DA, Baldán Á, Birnbaum MJ, Morales-Ruiz M, Fernández-Hernando C. Hepatology. (2016) 63(5):1660-1674.
  • miRNAs and high-density lipoprotein metabolism.
    Baldán Á and de Aguiar Vallim TQ. Biochim Biophys Acta. (2016) pii: S1388.