David Wood, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor

Office: DRC 539
Voice: (314) 977-9220

Recent Publications

Post-Operative Complications of Spina Bifida Patients Undergoing Urological Laparotomy: a Multi-Institutional Analysis
Loftus CJ, Moore DC, Cohn JA, Milam DF, Dmochowski RR, Wood D, Kaufman MR and Wood HM

Probiotic Lactobacillus Species Strengthen Intestinal Barrier Function and Tight Junction Integrity in Experimental Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Blackwood BP, Yuan CY, Wood DR, Nicolas JD, Grothaus JS and Hunter CJ

The Prognostic Value of Fasting Plasma Glucose, Two-Hour Postload Glucose, and HbA1c in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease: A Report From EUROASPIRE IV: A Survey From the European Society of Cardiology
Shahim B, De Bacquer D, De Backer G, Gyberg V, Kotseva K, Mellbin L, Schnell O, Tuomilehto J, Wood D and Rydén L

Engineering of obligate intracellular bacteria: progress, challenges and paradigms
McClure EE, Chávez ASO, Shaw DK, Carlyon JA, Ganta RR, Noh SM, Wood DO, Bavoil PM, Brayton KA, Martinez JJ, McBride JW, Valdivia RH, Munderloh UG and Pedra JHF

Rights-Based and Person-Centered Approaches to Supporting People With Intellectual Disability: A Dialectical Model
Glicksman S, Goldberg C, Hamel C, Shore R, Wein A, Wood D and Zummo J

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology