Jacob Franke

Education and Lab Experience:

  • Research Assistant, Saint Louis University Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2015-present)
  • B.S. in Biochemistry with a minor in Physics, Illinois College (2015)


Duerr MA, Palladino END, Hartman CL, Lambert JA, Franke JD, Albert CJ, Matalon S, Patel RP, Slungaard A and Ford DA. Bromofatty aldehyde derived from bromine exposure and myeloperoxidase and eosinophil peroxidase modify GSH and protein. (2018) J. Lipid Res.. 59, 696-705 Pubmed J. Lipid Res. PMC Article
Meyer NJ, Reilly JP, Feng R, Christie JD, Hazen SL, Albert CJ, Franke JD, Hartman CL, McHowat J and Ford DA. Myeloperoxidase-derived 2-chlorofatty acids contribute to human sepsis mortality via acute respiratory distress syndrome. (2017) JCI Insight. 2, Pubmed JCI Insight PMC Article