Project Pricing

An important goal of the Genomics Core Facility is to make genomic methods both affordable and timely for SLU researchers. All charges are thus based on time and materials (microarrays, sequencing chips, reagents). Sequencing uses the Ion Torrent ProtonTM, which can complete runs within two days, and does not require multiple simultaneous projects for cost-effective operation.

Contact Michelle Pherson (314-977-9218; Email) to discuss your proposed project and obtain a detailed cost estimate and projected timeline for completion. The quote will include all materials, labor costs, equipment usage fees, and software licensing, and cost comparisons for different approaches can also be provided.

As an example, a typical mammalian genome-wide RNA transcript quantification experiment with three control and three experimental replicates (6 total samples) will cost between $3,000 and $3,500, depending on whether or not you isolate the RNA or do your own bioinformatic analysis.