Baldan lab publishes two papers

Angel Baldan, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, recently published two papers detailing his research on microRNA and cholesterol efflux. The first paper entitled “MicroRNA-144 regulates hepatic ABCA1 and plasma HDL following activation of the nuclear receptor FXR.” The paper was published in Circulation Research on March 21 and continues his research on microRNAs and bile acid receptors, which can regulate plasma HDL levels. The article recently appeared in PubMed.

The second paper was published in Cell Metabolism on April 2 and is entitled “Impaired cholesterol efflux in senescent macrophages promotes age-related macular degeneration.” The paper details research showing that poor cholesterol efflux in older macrophages leads to polarization and and age-related diseases, such as macular degeneration. They also showed that treatment may be able reverse the degenerative effects and could provide therapies for age-related disease. The article also is available in PubMed.

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology