Vindigni Lab Publications Highlighted

Congratulations to Alessandro Vindigni, Ph.D., whose recent publication in the Journal of Cell Biology was selected as a Faculty of 1000 publication for its significance in the field. This group of over 5000 expert scientists and researchers review and highlight top biomedical research.

The paper details the Vindigni Lab’s work on the role of DNA2 in reversed replication fork processing and restart. DNA lesions occur frequently as a result of environmental exposures. If the lesions are not repaired correctly, they can lead to mutations, cell death, or cancer. Fork reversal allows the cell to repair these lesions using reversed forks. These results are not only important for showing how cells prevent mutations or cancers from forming, but could also show possible therapies for blocking cancer cells from replicating by preventing the fork reversal process from working. Control of DNA replication forks is highly important to maintaining genome integrity, and these studies identify a new mechanism in the maintenance of this system.

The lab also published an article in the same Journal of Cell Biology issue detailing their related work on the role of Rad51, a central homologous recombination factor, in fork reversal. The journal also highlighted these articles in an In Focus discussion.

You can read the full story in Newslink.

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