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Edwin Antony, Ph.D.

Studies on enzymes that function in DNA repair & recombination and electron transfer.

Office: DRC 507
Voice: (314) 977-9257

Research Interests

The broad goal of our research aims to understand the mechanism of action of enzymes using various techniques, such as pre-steady state kinetics, single molecule methods, and structural and biophysical approaches, to build quantitative models of enzyme activity to understand how they function in the cell. Our research focuses on two main areas:
      1. DNA Repair & Recombination. We are exploring how enzymes that orchestrate specific DNA repair and recombination processes recognize damage in DNA and coordinate with the cell cycle and replication machinery to correct these damages.
      2. Electron Transfer. We are studying how ATP is utilized by two oxidoreductases, Nitrogenase and DPOR, to orchestrate substrate reduction, which is associated with large conformational changes in protein complexes.

Recent Publications

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