Michelle Brennan, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor & Director, Genomics Core Facility

Single-cell genomics and bioinformatics services for genome-wide research.

Office: DRC 423
Voice: (314) 977-9273

Research Interests

The Genomics Core Facility offers the following services:

Single-cell Sequencing Technologies:
  • 3" scRNAseq
  • Single cell immune profiling
  • Fixed RNA single cell gene expression Flex
  • scATACseq
  • scMultiome
Nucleic acid quality analysis:
  • Qubit fluorimeter to quantify RNA and DNA concentrations
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer to quantify and measure size distribution of RNA and DNA
Bioinformatic support:
  • Help with data processing
  • Custom anaylsis for most genomic data
  • Assistance with figure generaton and GEO data uploads

Recent Publications

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