Kyle McCommis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Studies on the fundamental aspects of mitochondrial metabolism and novel areas of inter-organ and cell to cell communication.

Office: DRC 431
Voice: (314) 977-9233

Research Interests

My lab is focused on mitochondrial metabolism and its role in human disease. We have two major research directions. One project explores the role of mitochondrial metabolism in heart failure. We will study the connection between heart failure and altered hepatic metabolism and signaling due to ketone body production in the liver. Our studies will use isolated and perfused mouse hearts, where we can perform live metabolic measurements, as well as isolation of primary hepatocytes. A second project will study the role of mitochondrial metabolism in the activation of hepatic stellate cells and their role in liver fibrosis. This new line of research aims to study reducing hepatic fibrosis through inhibition of mitochondrial metabolism and could be significant for treatment of human disease.

Recent Publications

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