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A shared-use core facility that supports expression, purification, and analysis of reagent and preclinical proteins by providing instrumentation and consultation for protein production from small to large scale. Available equipment includes shaking incubators, 5 L fermentor, high pressure cell disruptor, hollow fiber concentrator, Maxwell16™ magnetic bead purification system, AKTA™ Purifier chromatograph, analytical ultracentrifuge, analytical HPLC, and MALDI-QIT-TOF mass spectrometer.

Core Capability


The mission of the Protein Core Lab is to enable biomedical research by production, purification, and analysis of proteins and peptides. Current projects are concentrated on structural biology, process development of novel protein therapeutics, and targeted proteomics. Capabilities of the lab include:

  • Bacterial fermentation and shake flask production.
  • Expression screening and optimization.
  • Protein analysis for quantity, purity, and identity.
  • Purification process development for scale-up, including protein therapeutics.
  • Biophysical analysis of proteins for purity, solution molecular mass, and protein-protein interactions.
  • MALDI-QIT-TOF (Axima Resonance™) mass spectrometry for analysis of primary structure and post-translational modifications.

Protein Mass Spectrometry

A recent addition to the Protein Core lab is a MALDI-QIT-TOF mass spectrometer. The AXIMA Resonance™ is a versatile instrument for protein and peptide characterization through its unique combination of MALDI, Quadrupole Ion Trap, and Time-of-Flight mass analyzer. This configuration enables peptide structure analysis by MS/MS and MSn with minimal loss of sensitivity. A wide range of analytes can be studied, including pharmaceutical compounds, glycans, lipids, and polymers. Training sessions for lab members and students can be scheduled as needed to learn methods of sample preparation, data collection, and data interpretation.

Mass Spectrum

Instrument Reservation

Instrument time may be reserved using Quartzy™. Once logged onto Quartzy, a link to the Facilities tab is available for instrument sign-up.

Access to the Protein Core Facility Group in Quartzy can be obtained by sending a request to David Wood via Email.