Protein Core Facility

The following services are available from the Protein Core Facility.

If you would like to request service, please download and fill out the Service Request Form.

Analytical Services

Protein Identification [show/hide]

Protein Identification: Instrument Only [show/hide]

Protein Expression Analysis [show/hide]

Protein Soluble Recovery by Affinity Tag Bind/Release [show/hide]

Preparative Services

Shake Flask Bacteria Induction, 1-6 Liters [show/hide]

High Density Bacteria Fermentation, 3-5 Liters [show/hide]

Protein Chromatography, Preparative [show/hide]

Protein Chromatography, Instrument Only [show/hide]

Dialysis or Buffer Exchange [show/hide]

Protein Concentration [show/hide]

Concentration/Diafiltration Using Hollow Fiber [show/hide]