Protein Core Facility

Core Facility Staff

David Wood, Ph.D.

David Wood has over 25 years of experience in protein biochemistry and the expression, purification and analysis of recombinant proteins. He manages all aspects of the daily operations of the Protein Core Facility.

Dr. Wood's current research interests include:

  • Application of protein overexpression, purification, and biophysical analysis to structural biology and protein-ligand interactions.
  • Process development for protein therapeutic production.
  • Application and development of MALDI-QIT-TOF mass spectrometry methods for biomolecule analysis.

Current project areas:
  • Serine proteases and their zymogens.
  • Purification of intrinsically disordered proteins.
  • Application of analytical ultracentrifugation to characterized protein complexes.
  • Protein engineering for structural biology applications.