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Proteases are displayed by alphabetic order per family in the following list. Families are ranked by increasing order. Corresponding clans are indicated at the beginning of each family.

You may use the following links as shortcut to the corresponding proteases families.

Select all the sequences you want to group in a same set by clicking the corresponding checkbox in the whole serine protease list then make the set by clicking the go button.
top  S1 family - SA clan AC SwissProt
achelase I protease: giant silkworm moth, saturnid moth P23604
achelase II protease: giant silkworm moth, saturnid moth P23605
acrosin: goat P10626
acrosin: human P10323
acrosin: mouse P23578
acrosin : pig P08001
acrosin : rabbit P48038
acrosin: rat P29293
ancrod: malayan pit viper P26324
ancrod: malayan pit viper P47797
ancrod: cantil, tropical mocassin P33588
ancrod: southern copperhead P09872
apolipoprotein(A): human P08519
apolipoprotein(A): rhesus macaque P14417
batroxobin: barba amaril, fer-de-lance P04971
complement C1R component: human P00736
complement C1S component: human P09871
proproteinase E (procarboxypeptidaseA complex: bovine P05805
azurocidin(cathionic antimicrobial protein) : human P20160
azurocidin(cathionic antimicrobial protein CAP37) : pig P80015
calcium-dependent serine proteinase : golden hamster P15156
cathepsin G: human P08311
cathepsin G: mouse P28293
cathepsin G: rat P17977
cerastotin: horned desert viper P81038
cerastobin: sahara sand viper P18692
cercarial protease: blood fluke P12546
complement factor B: bovine P81187
complement factor B: human P00751
complement factor B: mouse P04186
complement factor B : pig Q03710
complement factor D: human P00746
complement factor D: mouse P03953
complement factor D : pig P51779
complement factor D: rat P32038
complement factor I: human P05156
complement factor B-like protease: chicken P81475
caldecrin: rat P55091
complement C2: human P06681
complement C2: mouse P21180
cocoonase: atlantic horseshoe crab P35586
collagenolytic protease 25 KD II/III: crab-beetle P34153
collagenolytic protease 28 KD : red king crab P20731
collagenolytic protease 35 KD II: crab-beetle P34154
collagenolytic protease 36 KD: crab-beetle P34155
collagenolytic protease 36 KD A : red king crab P20732
collagenolytic protease36 KD B : red king crab P20733
collagenolytic protease36 KD C : red king crab P20734
collagenase: cattle grub P08897
brachyurin: atlantic sand fiddler crab P00771
complement -activating component of RA-reactive factor : human P48740
complement -activating component of RA-reactive factor : mouse P98064
chymotrypsin1: african malaria mosquito Q27289
chymotrypsin BI: penoied shrimp, european white shrimp Q00871
chymotrypsin2: african malaria mosquito Q17025
chymotrypsin2: dog P04813
chymotrypsinBII: penoied shrimp, european white shrimp P36178
chymotrypsinII: european hornet P00769
chymotrypsinII : oriental hornet P00768
chymotrypsinA: bovine P00766
chymotrypsinA: atlantic cod P47796
chymotrypsinB: bovine P00767
chymotrypsinB : atlantic cod P80646
chymotrypsinB: human P17538
chymotrypsinB: rat P07338
chymotrypsin-like serine proteinase : california red abalone P35003
chymotrypsin-like protease CTRL-1: human P40313
chymotrypsin: penoeid shrimp. P35002
duodenase I: bovine P80219
mite allergen der. F 3: house-dust mite P49275
mite allergen der. F 6: house-dust mite P49276
mite allergen der. P 3: house-dust mite P39675
mite allergen der. P 6 : house-dust mite P49277
serine protease easter: fruit fly P13582
elastase 1: bovine Q28153
elastase 1 : human P11423
elastase 1: pig P00772
elastase 1: rat P00773
neutrophil elastase 2A : horse P37357
elastase 2A: human P08217
neutrophil elastase 2B : horse P37358
elastase 2B: human P08218
elastase 2: bovine Q29461
elastase 2: mouse P05208
elastase 2: pig P08419
elastase 2: rat P00774
elastase IIIA: human P09093
elastase IIIB: human P08861
elastase : atlantic cod P32197
leukocyteelastase: human P08246
enteropeptidase: bovine P98072
enteropeptidase: human P98073
enteropeptidase: mouse P97435
enteropeptidase: pig P98074
arginine esterase: dog P09582
coagulation factor X: bovine P00743
coagulation factor X: chicken P25155
coagulation factor X: human P00742
coagulation factor X: rabbit O19045
coagulation factor XI: human P03951
coagulation factor XII: bovine P98140
coagulation factor XII: guinea pig Q04962
coagulation factor XII: human P00748
coagulation factor VII: bovine P22457
coagulation factor VII: human P08709
coagulation factor VII: mouse P70375
coagulation factor VII: rabbit P98139
coagulation factor IX: bovine P00741
coagulation factor IX: dog P19540
coagulation factor IX : guinea pig P16295
coagulation factor IX: human P00740
coagulation factor IX: mouse P16294
coagulation factor IX : pig P16293
coagulation factor IX : rabbit P16292
coagulation factor IX : rat P16296
coagulation factor IX : sheep P16291
flavoxobin: habu P05620
gilatoxin: beaded lizard P43685
granzyme A: human P12544
granzyme A: mouse P11032
granzyme B: human P10144
granzyme B (G,H): mouse P04187
granzyme C: mouse P08882
granzyme D: mouse P11033
granzyme E: mouse P08884
granzyme F: mouse P08883
granzyme G: mouse P13366
granzyme H: human P20718
granzyme K: human P49863
granzyme K: mouse O35205
granzyme K: rat P49864
granzyme M: human P51124
granzyme M: rat Q03238
granzyme-like protein I: rat Q06605
granzyme-like protein II: rat Q06606
halistase: gloydius blomhoffii P81176
serine protease hepsin : human P05981
serine protease hepsin : mouse O35453
serine protease hepsin : rat Q05511
hepatocyte growth factor activator: human Q04756
hepatocyte growth factor -like protein: human P26927
hepatocyte growth factor -like protein: mouse P26928
hepatocyte growth factor (scatter factor ) : human P14210
hepatocyte growth factor (scatter factor ) : mouse Q08048
hepatocyte growth factor (scatter factor ) : rat P17945
hypodermin A: cattle grub P35587
hypodermin B: cattle grub P35588
plasma kallikrein: human P03952
plasma kallikrein: mouse P26262
plasma kallikrein: rat P14272
glandular kallikrein, submandibular : guinea pig P12322
glandular kallikrein1: human P06870
glandular kallikrein1: crabeating macaque, cynomolgus monkey Q07276
glandular kallikrein K1: mouse P15947
glandular kallikrein1: hamadryas babboon Q28773
glandular kallikrein, pancreatic 1: rat P00758
glandular kallikrein, prostatic : guinea pig P12323
glandular kallikrein 2: human P20151
tonin: rat P00759
glandular kallikrein K3: mouse P00756
glandular kallikrein 3, submandibular : rat P15950
7S nerve growth factor alpha chain: mouse P00757
glandular kallikrein K5: mouse P15945
glandular kallikrein K6: mouse P00755
glandular kallikrein 7, submandibular/renal: rat P36373
glandular kallikrein K8: mouse P07628
glandular kallikrein 8, prostatic: rat P36374
glandular kallikrein K9: mouse P15949
glandular kallikrein 9, submandibular: rat P07647
glandular kallikrein K11: mouse P15946
glandular kallikrein 10: rat P36375
glandular kallikrein 12, submandibular/renal: rat P36376
glandular kallikrein K13: mouse P36368
gamma-renin, submandibular gland: mouse P04071
glandular kallikrein K22: mouse P15948
glandular kallikrein, renal: african soft furred rat P32824
glandular kallikrein K26: mouse P36369
glandular kallikrein: pig P00752
chymotrypsin-like serine proteinase : human P34168
limulus clotting factor C: japanese horseshoe crab P28175
chymase: dog P21842
chymase: human P23946
chymase: crabeating macaque, cynomolgus monkey P56435
mast cell protease 1: mongolian jird P50340
mast cell protease 1: mouse P11034
chymase: hamadryas babboon P52195
mast cell protease I: rat P09650
mast cell protease1A: sheep P80931
mast cell protease 2: mongolian jird P50341
mast cell protease 2: mouse P15119
mast cell protease II: rat P00770
mast cell protease3 : mouse P21843
mast cell protease III: rat P50339
mast cell protease 4: mouse P21812
mast cell protease 5: mouse P21844
mast cell protease 6: mouse P21845
mast cell protease 7: mouse Q02844
mast cell protease 7: rat P27435
mast cell protease 8: mouse P43430
mast cell protease 9: mouse O35164
mast cell protease-like protein: mouse Q00356
serine protease nudel: fruit fly P98159
natural killer cell protease1: rat P18291
neutrophil proteinase 4 : human P18078
okimaxobin I hime-habu P20005
proclotting enzyme: japanese horseshoe crab P21902
plasmin: bovine P06868
plasmin : dog P80009
plasmin: western european hedgehog Q29485
plasmin: horse P80010
plasmin: human P00747
plasmin: rhesus macaque P12545
plasmin: mouse P20918
plasmin: sea lamprey P33574
plasmin : pig P06867
plasmin: rat Q01177
plasmin: sheep P81286
myeloblastin: human P24158
prostate specific antigen: human P07288
prostate specific antigen: rhesus macaque P33619
vitamin-K dependent protein C: bovine P00745
vitamin-K dependent protein C : dog Q28278
vitamin-K dependent protein C : goat Q28315
vitamin-K dependent protein C : cat Q28412
vitamin-K dependent protein C : horse Q28380
vitamin-K dependent protein C: human P04070
vitamin-K dependent protein C: rhesus macaque Q28506
vitamin-K dependent protein C: mouse P33587
vitamin-K dependent protein C: rabbit Q28661
vitamin-K dependent protein C: rat P31394
protease serine-like 1: human O43240
prostasin: human Q16651
protease M: human Q92876
proteinase RVV-V alpha: russell viper P18964
proteinase RVV-V gamma: russell viper P18965
serine proteaseSP24D: african malaria mosquito Q17004
stratum corneum chymotryptic enzyme: human P49862
serine protease S 1 and 2: fruit fly P17205
serine protease3 : fruit fly P17207
serine protease snake: fruit fly P05049
serine proteinase stubble : fruit fly Q05319
thrombin: bovine P00735
thrombin: human P00734
thrombin: mouse P19221
thrombin: rat P18292
gyroxin analog: bushmaster P33589
transmembrane protease, serine2 : human O15393
trypsin1: african malaria mosquito P35035
trypsin,cationic: bovine P00760
trypsin,cationic: dog P06871
trypsin I-P1 : chicken Q90627
trypsin I: atlantic cod P16049
trypsin I: human P07477
trypsin I, anionic: rat P00762
trypsin I: atlantic salmon P35031
trypsin: yellowfever mosquito P19799
trypsin 2: african malaria mosquito P35036
trypsin, anionic: bovine Q29463
trypsin, anionic: dog P06872
trypsin I-P38 : chicken Q90628
trypsin II: human P07478
trypsin II, anionic: rat P00763
trypsin II: atlantic salmon P35032
trypsin: yellowfever mosquito P70059
trypsin 3A1: yellowfever mosquito P29786
trypsin3: african malaria mosquito P35037
trypsin II-P29 : chicken Q90629
trypsin III: human P15951
trypsin alpha-3: green-bottle fly, australian sheep blowfly P35043
trypsin III, cationic: rat P08426
trypsin III: atlantic salmon P35033
trypsin 4: african malaria mosquito P35038
trypsin 4A: human P35030
trypsin alpha-4: green-bottle fly, australian sheep blowfly P35044
trypsin IV: rat P12788
trypsin 5G1: yellowfever mosquito P29787
trypsin 5: african malaria mosquito P35039
trypsin 6: african malaria mosquito P35040
trypsin 7: african malaria mosquito P35041
trypsin alpha:fruit fly P54624
trypsin alpha: fruit fly P04814
alpha-tryptase: human P15157
trypsin, alkaline A : tobacco hawkmoth, horworm P35045
trypsin V-A: rat P32821
trypsin beta:fruit fly P54625
trypsin beta: fruit fly P35004
beta-tryptase: human P20231
trypsin, alkaline B : tobacco hawkmoth, horworm P35046
trypsinV-B: rat P32822
trypsin, alkaline C : tobacco hawkmoth, horworm P35047
trypsin delta/gamma: fruit fly P54626
trypsin delta: fruit fly P42276
trypsin epsilon: fruit fly P54627
trypsin epsilon: fruit fly P35005
trypsin gamma: fruit fly P42277
trypsin iota: fruit fly P52905
tryptase-like protease: rat P27436
mastocytoma protease: dog P19236
mast cell tryptase: rat P50343
trypsin I , : broad-fingered crayfish P00765
trypsin CFT-1: spruce budworm P35042
trypsin: cat P81071
trypsin: fusarium oxysporum P35049
trypsin: mouse P07146
trypsin: penoeid shrimp. P35050
trypsin: pig P00761
trypsin: plaise P35034
trypsin: marbled lungfish P35051
trypsin: streptomyces erythraeus P24664
trypsin: grey flesh fly P51588
trypsin: black fly P35048
trypsin: spiny dogfish P00764
trypsin-like protease: streptomyces glaucescens Q54179
trypsin: streptomyces griseus P00775
tryptase: dog P15944
trypsin theta: fruit fly P54628
trypsin theta: fruit fly P42278
mast cell tryptase: mongolian jird P50342
trypsineta: fruit fly P54629
trypsineta: fruit fly P42279
trypsinX: atlantic cod Q91041
trypsin zeta: fruit fly P54630
trypsin zeta: fruit fly P42280
urokinase-type plasmin activator: bovine Q05589
urokinase-type plasmin activator: chicken P15120
urokinase-type plasmin activator: human P00749
urokinase-type plasmin activator: mouse P06869
urokinase-type plasmin activator: yellow baboon P16227
urokinase-type plasmin activator: pig P04185
urokinase-type plasmin activator: rat P29598
tissue plasmin activator: bovine Q28198
tissue plasmin activator: human P00750
tissue plasmin activator: mouse P11214
tissue plasmin activator: rat P19637
salivary plasmin activator alpha 1: vampire bat P98119
salivary plasmin activator alpha 2: vampire bat P15638
salivary plasmin activator beta: vampire bat P98121
salivary plasmin activator gamma: vampire bat P49150
vitellin-degradingprotease: silk moth Q07943
top  S2a family - SA clan AC SwissProt
glutamyl endopeptidaseII : streptomyces griseus Q07006
alpha-lytic protease: achromobacterlyticus P27459
alpha-lytic protease: lysobacter enzymogenes P00778
streptogrisin A: streptomyces griseus P00776
streptogrisin B: streptomyces griseus P00777
serine protease C: streptomyces griseus P52320
serine protease D: streptomyces griseus P52321
serine protease 1: streptomyces fradiae Q03424
serine protease 2 : streptomyces fradiae P41140
serine protease I: rarobacter faecitabidus Q05308
trypsin-like protease: streptomyces exfolliatus P80420
top S2b family - SA clan AC SwissProt
exfoliative toxin A: staphylococcus aureus P09331
exfoliative toxin B: staphylococcus aureus P09332
glutamyl endopeptidase: bacillus subtilis licheniformis. P80057
extracellular MetaLLOprotease: bacillus subtilis P39790
glutamyl endopeptidase: staphylococcus aureus P04188
top S2c family - SA clan AC SwissProt
protease DEGQ: escherichia coli P39099
protease DEGS: escherichia coli P31137
protease DEGS: haemophilus influenzae. P44947
putative periplasmic serine protease DO/HHOA-like : haemophilus influenzae. P45129
putative periplasmic serine protease DO-like: rochalimaea henselae P54925
proteaseDO: escherichia coli P09376
proteaseDO: salmonella typhimurium P26982
putative proteasein ROCR-PURA intergenic region : bacillus subtilis P39668
top  S3 family - SA clan AC SwissProt
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C ]: equine virus P08768
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: equine encephalomyelitis virus). P27284
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain 3880). # P36329
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain TC-83).# P05674
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain evergla#es FE3- P36330
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain mena II#. P36331
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain P676). # P36332
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain trinida# donkey P09592
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: o'nyong-nyong virus (strain GULU) (ONN). P22056
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: ross river virus (strain NB5092) (RRV). P13890
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: ross river virus (strain T48) (RRV). P08491
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: semliki forest virus (SFV). P03315
structural polyprotein (P130) [contains: coat protein C]: sindbis virus (subtype ockelbo / strain EDSBY# 82-5). P27285
structural polyprotein (P130) [contains: coat protein C]: SINDBIS virus (strainS HRSP and HRLP). P03316
structural polyprotein [contains: coat protein C]: western equine encephalitis virus. P13897
top  S5 family - SA clan AC SwissProt
protease I: achromobacterlyticus P15636
top  S6 family - SA clan AC SwissProt
adhesion and penetration protein: haemophilus influenzae. P44596
adhesion and penetration protein: haemophilus influenzae. P45387
immunoglobulin A1 protease: haemophilus influenzae. P44969
immunoglobulin A1 protease: haemophilus influenzae. P42782
immunoglobulin A1 protease: haemophilus influenzae. P45384
immunoglobulin A1 protease: haemophilus influenzae. P45385
immunoglobulin A1 protease: haemophilus influenzae. P45386
IGA-specific serine endopeptidase: neisseria gonorrhoeae P09790
top  S8 family - SB clan AC SwissProt
alkaline extracellular protease: candida lipolytica P09230
alkaline proteinase: acremonium chrysogenum P29118
alkaline proteinase: trichoderma harzianum Q03420
aqualysin I: thermus aquaticus P08594
microbial serine proteinase: aeromonas salmonicida P31339
endoprotease BLI-4: caenorhabditis P51559
extracellular basic proteasedichelobacter nodosus P42779
extracellular subtilisin-like proteasedichelobacter nodosus P42780
cuticule-degrading protease: metarhizium anisopliae P29138
cuticule-degrading protease-like protein: verticillium chlamydosporium P80406
alkaline protease: bacillus subtilis (strain 221). P41362
thermostablealkaline protease: bacillus subtilis (strain AH-101). P41363
alkaline protease: bacillus subtilis alcalophilus. P27693
alkaline elastase YAB: bacillus subtilis (strain YAB). P20724
epidermin leader peptide processing serine protease EPIP : staphylococcus epidermidis P30199
furin1: yellowfever mosquito P29119
furin-like protease2: fruit fly P30432
furin: bovine Q28193
furin: human P09958
furin: mouse P23188
furin: rat P23377
furin-like protease1, long-form: fruit fly P30430
furin-like protease1, short-form: fruit fly P26016
halolysin: halophilic bacteria strain 172P1. P29143
major intracellular serine protease: bacillus subtilis P11018
sexual differentiation process putative subtilase-type : fission yeast P40903
intracellular alkaline protease: bacillus subtilis (strain 221). P29140
intracellular serine protease: paenibacillus polymixa P29139
kex1 protease: kluyveromyces lactis P09231
kexin: candida albicans O13359
kexin: baker's yeast P13134
di-basic processing endoprotease: fission yeast Q09175
neuroendocrine convertase 1: human P29120
neuroendocrine convertase 1: mouse P21662
neuroendocrine convertase 1: rat P28840
neuroendocrine convertase 2: human P16519
neuroendocrine convertase 2: mouse P21661
neuroendocrine convertase 2: pig Q03333
neuroendocrine convertase 2: rat P28841
neuroendocrine convertase 3: mouse P29121
PC3-like endoprotease variant A: hydra P29146
PC3-like endoprotease variant B: hydra P29145
nisin leader peptide processing serine protease NISP: streptococcus lactis Q07596
oryzin: aspergillus flavus P35211
oryzin: aspergillus, sartorya fumigata P28296
oryzin: aspergillus oryzae P12547
PI-type proteinase: streptococcus lactis cremoris P16271
PII-type proteinase: streptococcus lactis P15293
PII-type proteinase: lactobacillus paracasei Q02470
PIII-type proteinase: streptococcus lactis cremoris P15292
subtilisin-like protease pace 4: human P29122
subtilisin-like protease pace 4: rat Q63415
serine proteasePC6: mouse Q04592
serine proteasePC6: rat P41413
subtilisin-like serine protease pepC: aspergillus niger P33295
calcium dependent protease: anabaena variabilis P23916
alkaline serine exoprotease A: vibrio alginolyticus P16588
extracellular protease: xanthomonas campestris P23314
cerevisin: baker's yeast P09232
secretedproteinase: haloferax mediterranei P28308
proteinase K: tritirachium album P06873
M-protease: bacillus subtilis (strain KSM-K16). Q99405
proteinase R: tritirachium album P23653
extracellular serine protease: serratia marcescens P09489
extracellular serine protease: serratia marcescens P29805
proteinase T: tritirachium album P20015
C5A peptidase: streptococcus pyogenes P15926
extracellular serine proteinase: thermus (strain RT41A). P80146
serotype-specific antigen 1: pasteurella haemolytica P31631
subtilisin BL : bacillus subtilis lentus P29599
minor extracellular proteaseEPR: bacillus subtilis P16396
bacillopeptidaseF: bacillus subtilis P16397
subtilisin nat: bacillus subtilis natto. P35835
subtilisin savinase : bacillus subtilis lentus P29600
subtilisin BPN': bacillus subtilis amyloliquefaciens. P00782
subtilisin carlsberg: bacillus subtilis licheniformis. P00780
subtilisin : bacillus subtilis mesentericus P07518
subtilisin: bacillus subtilis (strain TA39). P28842
subtilisin: bacillus subtilis amylosacchariticus P00783
subtilisin : bacillus subtilis (strain DY). P00781
subtilisin J: bacillus subtilis stearothermophilus P29142
subtilisin E: bacillus subtilis P04189
minor extracellular proteaseVPR: bacillus subtilis P29141
prestalk-specific protein TAGB: slime mold P54683
prestalk-specific protein TAGC: slime mold Q23868
thermomycolin : malbranche sulfurea P13858
thermitase: thermoactinomyces vulgaris P04072
tripeptidyl-peptidase II : human P29144
tripeptidyl-peptidase II : mouse Q64514
56 KD serine protease: ictalurid herpes virus 1, channel catfish virus (CCV). Q00139
cell wall-associated protease: bacillus subtilis P54423
dibasic processing endoprotease: candida lipolytica P42781
putative subtilase-type proteinaseIN : baker's yeast P25381
putative subtilase-type proteinase F21H12.6 IN chromosome : caenorhabditis Q09541
subtilisin-like proteaseIII: baker's yeast P25036
top  S9a family - SC clan AC SwissProt
prolyl-endopeptidase: aeromonas hydrophila Q06903
prolyl-endopeptidase: flavobacterium meningosepticum P27028
prolyl-endopeptidase: human P48147
prolyl-endopeptidase: pig P23687
prolyl-endopeptidase: flavobacterium meningosepticum P27195
proteaseII : escherichia coli P24555
proteaseII :moraxella lacunata Q59536
putative peptidaseY4NA: rhizobium (strain NGR234). P55577
putative peptidaseY4QF: rhizobium (strain NGR234). P55627
putative peptidaseY4SO: rhizobium (strain NGR234). P55656
top S9b family - SC clan AC SwissProt
dipeptidyl aminopeptidaseA : baker's yeast P33894
dipeptidyl aminopeptidaseB : baker's yeast P18962
dipeptidyl peptidaseIV: bovine P81425
dipeptidyl peptidaseIV : human P27487
dipeptidyl peptidaseIV : mouse P28843
dipeptidyl peptidaseIV : pig P22411
dipeptidyl peptidaseIV : rat P14740
dipeptidyl peptidaseIV like protein : bovine P42659
dipeptidyl peptidaseIV like protein : human P42658
dipeptidyl peptidaseIV like protein : rat P46101
top S9c family - SC clan AC SwissProt
acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme: bovine P80227
acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme : human P13798
acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme : pig P19205
acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme : rabbit P25154
acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme : rat P13676
putative 86.0 KD protein F44B9.1 in chromosome : caenorhabditis P34422
top  S10 family - SC clan AC SwissProt
serine carboxypeptidaseI: barley P07519
serine carboxypeptidaseI: rice P37890
serine carboxypeptidaseII chainS A and B : barley P08818
serine carboxypeptidaseII chainS A and B: wheat P08819
serine carboxypeptidaseIII: barley P21529
serine carboxypeptidaseII: rice P37891
serine carboxypeptidaseIII: wheat P11515
serine carboxypeptidase: mouse-ear cress P32826
serine carboxypeptidase-like: rice P52712
serine carboxypeptidase-like : garden pea Q41005
carboxypeptidaseY: candida albicans P30574
carboxypeptidaseY: pichia pastoris P52710
carboxypeptidaseY: baker's yeast P00729
serine carboxypeptidaseII-1: barley P55747
serine carboxypeptidaseII-2: barley P55748
serine carboxypeptidaseII-3: barley P52711
carboxypeptidaseS1: pinicillium vitale P34946
P-(S)-hydroxymandelonitrile lyase: sorghum P52708
carboxypeptidase kex1: baker's yeast P09620
virulence-related protein NF314: naegleria fowleri P42661
carboxypeptidaseI : aspergillus niger P55749
serine-type carboxypeptidaseF: aspergillus niger P52718
carboxypeptidase CPDS: aspergillus phoenicis P52719
lysosomal protective protein: human P10619
lysosomal protective protein: mouse P16675
carboxypeptidase SXA2: fission yeast P32825
vitellogenic carboxypeptidase: yellow fever mosquito P42660
putative serine carboxypeptidase IN ESR1-IRA1 intergenic : baker's yeast P38109
putative serine carboxypeptidase K10B2.2: caenorhabditis Q09991
putative serine carboxypeptidase F13S12.6: caenorhabditis P52715
putative serine carboxypeptidase F41C3.5: caenorhabditis P52717
putative serine carboxypeptidase C08H9.1 : caenorhabditis P52714
putative serine carboxypeptidase F32A5.3: caenorhabditis P52716
top  S11 family - SE clan AC SwissProt
D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase: bacillus subtilis stearothermophilus Q05523
D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase: bacillus subtilis P08750
penicillin-binding protein 5: escherichia coli P04287
penicillin-binding protein 5: haemophilus influenzae. P44466
penicillin-binding protein 5 penicillin-binding protein 6: escherichia coli P08506
penicillin-binding protein 6B: escherichia coli P33013
penicillin-binding protein 6B: salmonella typhimurium P37604
penicillin-binding protein DACF: bacillus subtilis P38422
D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase: streptomyces (strain K15). P39042
penicillin-binding protein 5(PBP-5) : pseudomonas aeruginosa P72161
penicillin-binding protein 7(PBP-7) : escherichia coli P33364
penicillin-binding protein 7 homolog(PBP-7) : haemophilus influenzae. P44664
top  S12 family - SE clan AC SwissProt
D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase: streptomyces (strain R61). P15555
penicillin-binding protein 4(PBP : bacillus subtilis P40750
top  S13 family - SE clan AC SwissProt
D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase: actinomadura (strain R39). P39045
penicillin-binding protein 4(PBP-4) : escherichia coli P24228
penicillin-binding protein 4(PBP-4) : haemophilus influenzae. P45161
putative penicillin-binding protein : bacillus subtilis P39844
top  S14 family - SG clan AC SwissProt
putative ATP-dependent CLP protease proteolytic subunit : cyanophora paradoxa Q36863
ATP-dependent CLP protease proteolytic subunit 1 : synechococcus (strain PCC 7942) P54415
ATP-dependent CLP protease proteolytic subunit 1 : synechocystis (strain PCC 6803). P54416
putativeATP-dependent CLP protease proteolytic subunit : cyanophora paradoxa P48254
ATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit 2 : synechococcus (strain PCC 7942) , anacystis nidulans R# O34125
ATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit 2 : synechocystis (strain PCC 6803). Q59993
putative ATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit : synechocystis (strain PCC 6803). P74467
ATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit : bacillus subtilis P80244
putative CLPP-like protease: caenorhabditis Q27539
ATP-dependent CLP protease proteolytic subunit : campylobacter jejuni P54413
putative CLPP-like protease: chlamydomonas eugametos P42379
putative CLPP-like protease: chlamydomonas reinhardt II P42380
putative CLPP-like protease: chlorella vulgaris P56317
ATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit : escherichia coli P19245
putative CLPP-like protease: beechdrops P30063
ATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit : haemophilus influenzae. P43867
ATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit : helicobacter pylori P56156
putative CLPP-like protease: barley P48883
putativeATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit : human Q16740
putative CLPP-like protease: maize P26567
putative CLPP-like protease: liverwort P12208
ATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit: myxococcus xanthus O30612
putative CLPP-like protease: rice P12209
ATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit : paracoccus denitrificans P54414
putative CLPP-like protease: shore pine, lodgepole pine P36387
putative CLPP-like protease: green pine, japanese black pine P41609
ATP-dependent CLP proteaseproteolyticsubunit : streptococcus salivarius P36398
putative CLPP-like protease: tobacco P12210
putative CLPP-like protease: wheat P24064
ATP-dependent CLP protease proteolytic subunit: yersinia enterolitica Q60107
top  S15 family - SC clan AC SwissProt
XAA-pro dipeptidyl -peptidase: lactobacillus delbrueckii lactis P40334
XAA-pro dipeptidyl -peptidase: streptococcus lactis P22346
XAA-pro dipeptidyl -peptidase: streptococcus cremoris P22093
top  S16 family - SG clan AC SwissProt
mitochondrial LON proteasehomolog1: arabidopsis thaliana (mouse-ear cress) O64948
ATP-dependent protease LA 1 : bacillus subtilis P37945
mitochondrial LON proteasehomolog1: maize P93647
ATP-dependent protease LA 1: myxococcus xanthus P36773
mitochondrial LON proteasehomolog1: spinach O04979
mitochondrial LON proteasehomolog2: arabidopsis thaliana (mouse-ear cress) P93655
ATP-dependent protease LA homolog: bacillus subtilis P42425
mitochondrial LON proteasehomolog2: maize P93648
ATP-dependent proteaseLA 2: myxococcus xanthus P36774
proteaseLA homolog: haemophilus influenzae. P43865
mitochondrial LON protease homolog: caenorhabditis O44952
mitochondrial LON protease homolog: human P36776
putativemitochondrial ATP-dependent protease: fission yeast Q09769
mitochondrial ATP-dependent protease: baker's yeast P36775
mitochondrial LON protease homolog: human P36777
ATP-dependent protease LA: aquifex aeolicus O66605
ATP-dependent protease LA : azospirillum brasilense P77810
ATP-dependent protease LA : bacillus subtilis brevis. P36772
ATP-dependent protease LA : lyme disease spirochete Q59185
ATP-dependent protease LA : brucella abortus O52605
ATP-dependent protease LA : campylobacter jejuni O69300
ATP-dependent protease LA : caulobacter crescentus P52977
ATP-dependent protease LA : escherichia coli P08177
ATP-dependent protease LA : erwinia amylovora P46067
ATP-dependent protease LA : haemophilus influenzae. P43864
ATP-dependent protease LA : helicobacter pylori P55995
ATP-dependent protease LA : mycoplasma genitalium P47481
ATP-dependent protease LA : mycoplasma pneumoniae P78025
ATP-dependent protease LA : mycobacterium smegmatis O31147
ATP-dependent protease LA : vibrio parahaemolyticus P74956
top  S17 family - other clans AC SwissProt
extracellular serine protease: dichelobacter nodosus P19577
top  S18 family- other clans AC SwissProt
coagulase/fibrinolysis: yersinia pestis P17811
outer membrane proteaseOMPP: escherichia coli P34210
proteaseVII: escherichia coli P09169
outer membrane proteaseE: salmonella typhimurium P06185
top  S19 family - other clans AC SwissProt
wall-associated proteinase: coccidioides immitis P42783
top  S21 family - other clans AC SwissProt
capsid protein P40 (virion structural protein BVRF2, EC-RF3): epstein-barr virus (strain B95-8), human #erpes v P03234
capsid protein P40 [contains: assemblin (protease)] : humancytomegalovirus (strain AD169). P16753
capsid protein P40 (virion structural protein UL26): herpes simplex virus (type 1 / strain 17). P10210
capsid protein P40 [contains: assemblin (protease)]: herpes simplex virus (type 6 / strain uganda-1102)# P24433
capsid protein P40 [contains: assemblin (protease)]: herpes simplex virus (type 7 / strain JI) (HHV7). # P52351
capsid protein P40 [contains: assemblin (protease)] : bovine herpes virus type 1 (strain cooper). P54817
capsid protein P40 [contains: assemblin (protease)] : equine herpes virus type 2 (strain 86/87) (EHV-2)# P52369
capsid protein P40 (virion structural gene 35 protein): equine herpes virus type 1 (strain AB4P) (EHV-1#. P28936
capsid protein P40 [contains: capsid protein VP24]: herpes virus saimiri(strain 11). Q01002
capsid protein P40 [contains: capsid protein VP24 , infectious] : laryngotracheitis virus (strain thorn# V882) P23984
capsid protein P40 [contains: assemblin (protease)]: simian cytomegalovirus (strain colburn). P16046
capsid protein P40 (virion structural gene 33 protein): varicella-zoster virus (strain dumas) (VZV). P09286
top  S24 family - SF clan AC SwissProt
IMPA protein : salmonella typhimurium P18641
lexa repressor : aeromonas hydrophila Q44069
SOS regulatory protein : bacillus subtilis P31080
lexa repressor : escherichia coli P03033
lexa repressor : erwinia carotorova Q04596
lexa repressor : haemophilus influenzae. P44858
lexa repressor : providencia rettgeri Q07267
lexa repressor : pseudomonas aeruginosa P37452
lexa repressor : pseudomonas putida P37453
lexa repressor : salmonella typhimurium P29831
muca protein: salmonella typhimurium, escherichia coli. P07376
sama protein : salmonella typhimurium P23831
umud protein : escherichia coli P04153
umud protein : salmonella typhimurium P22493
putative protein : haemophilus influenzae. P44249
top  S26 family - SF clan AC SwissProt
mitochondrial inner membrane proteasesubunit 1 : baker's yeast P28627
mitochondrial inner membrane proteasesubunit 2 : baker's yeast P46972
signal peptidase I: bacillus subtilis amyloliquefaciens. P41026
signal peptidase I: bacillus subtilis caldolyticus P41027
inactive signal peptidase: staphylococcus aureus P72364
signal peptidase IP : bacillus subtilis natto. P37943
signal peptidase IP : bacillus subtilis natto. Q57350
signal peptidase IS : bacillus subtilis P28628
signal peptidase IT : bacillus subtilis P71013
signal peptidase IU : bacillus subtilis P42959
signal peptidase I: bacillus subtilis amyloliquefaciens P41025
signal peptidase I: bacillus subtilis licheniformis P42668
signal peptidase I: escherichia coli P00803
signal peptidase I: haemophilus influenzae. P44454
putative signal peptidase I: mycobacterium tuberculosis Q10789
signal peptidase I: phormidium laminosum Q51876
signal peptidase I: pseudomonas fluorescens P26844
signal peptidase I: salmonella typhimurium P23697
signal peptidase IB : staphylococcus aureus P72365
signal peptidase I: streptococcus pneumoniae O07344
top  S27 family - SF clan AC SwissProt
signal peptidase IW : bacillus subtilis P54506
signal sequence processing protein SEC11 : baker's yeast P15367
microsomal signal peptidase21 KD subunit : dog P13679
microsomal signal peptidase18 KD subunit : dog P21378
microsomal signal peptidase18 KD subunit : rat P42667
top  S28 family AC SwissProt
lysosomal pro-X carboxypeptidase: human P42785
top  S31 family - SA clan AC SwissProt
genome : virus P19711
genome : virus Q01499
genome : hog cholera virus (strain alfort), swine fever virus P19712
genome: hog cholera virus (strain brescia), swine fever virus P21530
top  S32 family - SA clan AC SwissProt
POL polyprotein (ORF1A/1B) [contains: RNA-directed RNA : virus] Q04561
top  S33 family - SA clan AC SwissProt
proline iminopeptidase: aeoromonas sobria P46547
proline iminopeptidase: bacillus subtilis P46541
proline iminopeptidase: lactobacillus delbrueckii bulgaricus P46544
proline iminopeptidase: lactobacillus delbrueckii lactis P46542
proline iminopeptidase: lactobacillus helveticus P52278
putativeproline iminopeptidase: mycoplasma genitalium P47266
putativeproline iminopeptidase: mycoplasma pneumoniae P75092
proline iminopeptidase: neisseria gonorrhoeae P42786
proline iminopeptidase: xanthomonas campestris P52279
putative 49.6 KD protein in OMPP 3' region: escherichia coli P34211
top  S35 family - SA clan AC SwissProt
50.4 KD protein: apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (isolate apple,ACLSV). P54892
50.8 KD protein: apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (isolate plum P863, ACLSV). P27739
putative36 KD serine protease, apple stem grooving virus (strain P-209) (ASGV). P36698
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